The story of our brand KIKILO comes from a very Q version of the mole-playing game-Mr. Kikilo. This is a cute little game that combines the two methods of finding the difference and hitting the mole! You can use it to relax your mood anytime, anywhere. Everyone should be optimistic and happy in life.

Then, we were inspired to create KIKILO. Since 2021, KIKILO has been collecting unique products from all over the world, choosing only the awesome stuff we'd be excited to receive ourselves, and finding a creative and entertaining way to present it to you.

Our mission at KIKILO has always been clear: to provide you with the best quality, comfortable, safe and creative products with lovely style, so as to add some fun to your life.

We provide hundreds of different styles of stuffed animal toys, cute storage bags, creative jewelry and various household items series.


(1)High-Quality products

Door of shopping, as a brand of striving to provide customers with best products, carefully selects top quality supplies at the best prices.Pet doll, pet houses, pet supplier,household supplies,etc with high quality.

(2)Comprehensive product categories

With 2000+ factories partners and more than 1,00 new arrivals per day, we have plenty of items for pets and household supplies providing plentiful shopping options for users.

(3)Strict Quality Inspection

We have strict Quality Inspection before shipping, ensuring all products meet a consistent quality standard and users' requirements.

(4)Fast and Free shipping

We provide Free Global Delivery service covering 200+ countries and regions.

(5)After sale service

We have 24/7 Customer Service, please contact us :
Telephone:+86 18898540518
Room 504, floor 5, building 15
Julong Industrial Zone, No. 823, Xicha Road, Tongde street
Baiyun District, Guangzhou
Guangdong 510407
Service hours: Mon-Fri 9 am to 6 pm EST.

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